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April 25, 2015 @ 9:53 AM by webadmin

The Power Is His

1 chronicles 29:12

The sovereign God of the universe has committed Himself to write the history of earth. But He has willed to do it through people, and He invites you and me to respond with chapters of bold accomplishments done in His name.
You probably feel as I do when such an enormous truth dawns upon you. “What can I do? It’s too much for me.”

But wait. Remember, the power is HIS! He is the Publisher. He’s simply looking for writers. For people who will trust the power of His Holy Spirit to work in the common, ordinary affairs of their daily lives—family, business, relationships, schoolwork, difficulties, ministry opportunities.

God offers a blank book of possibilities and asks what we are going to write.

Moments with Majesty

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