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May 3, 2015 @ 6:35 AM by webadmin


2 Corinthians 11:5-6

It seems like no matter what culture you go to, there’s something you never get away from: Status.
Across all age groups, income levels, and geographical locations, it can be easy to get
caught up in the pressure to attain a certain level of degree, prestige, wealth, influence, or other marks of status.

Sadly, this pressure can invade church culture, too, and there’s no clearer example than the one we find in Corinth. Back in Paul’s day in Corinth, it was all about doling out the gratis of status.
Do you know what the gratis of status is? It’s like the praise of one’s position, title, and status. It’s like you and I go to a doctor’s convention. When you show up at the convention, you’re walking down the hallway and it’s like, “Good morning, doctor. How are you, doctor? Good to see you, doctor.” Doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, and on and on.

It’s even worse than that in Corinth, because here’s what it is in Corinth: Apostle, apostle, good morning, apostle. Apostle. Apostle. Most eminent apostle. Apostle.
Paul tells them, “Nonsense. You’re doling out a bunch of self-ranking positions and titles.” Yes, for the record, when the church buys into that, the church is jacked up and doing it wrong. Any church that is into self-promotion, self-appointing, self-proclaiming, self-ordaining is wrong.

“I ordained myself.”

Really? How?

“Online. Just ordained myself.”

Well who holds you accountable?

“I do. I’m self-accountable.”

No you don’t, because “self-accountable” is an oxymoron.

Gosh, we’ve got too many examples of this where someone is put in leadership, given
a title, and all of a sudden they become a completely different person. Now they think they know everything, and it makes them talk and act differently, but not in a good way.

Listen, inside the church or outside of it, don’t get caught up in what people call you. You’re a son or daughter of God, and that’s enough of a title for any of us.

Father God,
Thank You for making me Your child! I’m sorry for any times that I have gotten caught up in the status of what other people say and think about me. Please forgive me for that, and help me to be secure in all that You say that I am!

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