Welcome to the RNJC Kids Connect Online Sunday School, where kids can connect with God and their friends to learn God’s word together.

We have fun-filled activity sheets for all children from under 5 years to 13-year olds. This covers the majority of the main Bible stories from Creation through to the early Church.

These activities are designed for everyone and it’s available to download free from our website and courtesy of the BES website - www.besweb.com.

The stories are taken from both the Old and the New Testaments and cover basic Bible stories and Bible characters.

Browse the activity sheets on the www.elimchurch.org.uk/resources link , search for the Sunday School folder and enjoy the lessons which take place every Sunday by video link where the children interact with their friends and have fun learning about the Bible together.

If you usually attend RNJC and would like your children to connect with their Sunday School friends, please contact the church office and ask how you can obtain the conference room details. The classes take place every Sunday from 11:45am to 12:45am. A responsible adult will need to be present in the room during the entire virtual Sunday School class.

Lastly, there is this cool app for the kids to download on their devices. This app is full of bible stories, quizzes and activities to engage any child from under 5 years upwards. Get the app here:  http://sunscool.org/getapp


RNJC - Sunday School Team